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Our Projects

Our Projects

Our organization is working on the following projects. We will be working on more and more projects soon.

Good Shepherd Food Bank

Feeding Auckland’s Ethnic Hungry

Completion of Good Shepherd Foodbank’s project & Strategic Plan FY 2021 – 2024 would not have been possible without the hard work of dozens of staff, board members and community stakeholders…..

Ethnic Identity & Rise And Shine

Positive Youth Development

RNSPYD Now has diligently partnered the Juvenile Support System to address the unique needs of the ethnic youth under its jurisdiction, in particular, those in the care and juvenile justice systems…..

RNSWMNZ & Charitable Trust

Ethnic Community Development

We are a new organization that believes mass participation in government programs will help speed up the social transformation of the elderly communities helping and supporting ethnic community-based Ethnic elderly communities culture program ….

God's Money & Me

Financial Freedom

Rise and Shine Worship Ministries – New Zealand with understanding of God, Money & Me! I’m Cyrus Leonard Rose, a writer and speaker from Rise and Shine Worship Ministries – New Zealand, and I’ve spent my life on a journey through the Bible to freedom in my finances, my identity and my relationship with God……